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All of Bernie's policies

BERN App: Get Involved

TThe BERN app is Bernie's official campaign mobile app. It shows all his policies as well as a way to help and get involved with the campaign.

Bernie Endorsements

All of Bernie's Endorsements up to date

Bernie Sanders Facts

A list of Bernie Sanders Facts you can use to share

Bernie Podcast

Bernie's Official podast

Bernie Senate Page

Bernie's senate page. Lots of really good info and links on here.

People for Bernie

Bernie site with all Tweets related to Bernie

Bernie Care

How much will you save when Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan is implemented?


Bernie Tax

The main purpose of this calculator is to illustrate as simple as possible how marginal tax brackets work.


Feel the Bern is a comprehensive interactive policy website, displaying Sanders' positions on every issue he talks about, sourced from 2016 speeches as well as his previous voting record and his own proposals and legislation. It is broken down categorically to easily answer any questions voters may have about what a Sanders presidency might look like.

I Like Bernie, But...

The site addresses common concerns that people have about Bernie

DISCLAIMER: We do our best to research all information we provide on the site and that the candidates support Bernie's progressive agenda. Before contributing or voting for anyone, please check them out for yourself. We are not responsible for your voting decisions. If you see someone who is obviously not a progressive, or know someone who is that is not on our list please let us know by emailing

THANK YOU: Thank you to,  DSA-LA  and VoxPublica for the research and amazing work on the voter guide. Please visit them for more details on each candiate.

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